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Frequent questions

Is a license necessary to dance?

All couples and solos can dance in our event, the UEB offers free licenses for all amateur dancers until 2024, that is why at the time of your registration you will be registered as members of our association.

Are there hours?

Yes, the schedules will be posted on the web72h before the event, and the schedule of the first rounds one week before the event. 

Can I dance more than one event?

Yes, the schedules will be made to be able to dance more than one event a day and we recommend that you take advantage of it to dance as much as you can.

What judges are there? 

The judges are by invitation, we will have active license judges from the WDC.

Can I register the same day? 

No, the registration must be before July 4, 2023, everything and that once registered, if you wish to add an event on the same day, an attempt will be made to give that possibility.

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